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Cyrillic To Latin And Latin To Cyrillic Jquery Plugin

CyrLatConverter je plugin za jQuery koji radi preslovljavanje iz ćirilice u latinicu i obrnuto. Pogledajte ovaj tutorijal i primer upotrebe plugin-a.

Simple Php Captcha Tutorial Part2 Reload Without Refresh

This is 2nd part of Simple PHP captcha tutorial in which we will reload captcha without refreshing whole page.

Simple Php Captcha Tutorial

When user open the page on your website, new session on server side will be generated. In that session we will store random string, and at the same create image with PHP displaying the same text as in session. When user submit text that he sees on the image we will check if submitted text match one stored in session. If does, user is human and validation passed, if not then user did not solve captcha and we can consider user to be spammer script. Of course tweaks are possible, and they will be shown in Advanced PHP captcha tutorial, where more advanced cases will be considered.